No steampunk today

The 3rd/4th June was the miniature traction engine and steampunk weekend at the Buckingham Railway Centre in Quainton. We went today fully expecting to see street performers, musicians and lots of steampunk afficionados wandering around lots of steampunk market stalls. Thats what the website said, but it was wrong. There was very little to see at all, and surprisingly few visitors wandering around. I thought maybe we had gone on the wrong weekend but then we spotted a few market stalls inside. Most disappointing given the pretty steep entrance ticket price. The miniature traction engines outside in the carpark however were a joy to behold and that saved the day for us. I took quite a few photos with my Leica Digilux 2 (5 megapixel behemoth from 2004). I think we will be giving the railway centre a rest for a while.

The best camera is the one you have with you…

What utter dog sausage. I had to be the family taxi driver this morning. Rather than hang around I parked up in one of the local centres. Gazing out through the winscreen I spotted a happy shot, but dang! I’d forgotten my camera. As part of my punishment I’m showing the image. This is from my Alcatel phone, a tiny portion cropped from the frame (see below) through a very dirty windscreen, across a busy car park. Note to self… Always carry your camera! D’oh!

Fujica Auto-5 results

Here is the rest of the roll of FP4 from the Fujica Auto-5. Like I say its not too bad for a point and shoot from 1980. All the pictures were taken in Milton Keynes Museum yesterday and include a stranded tugboat, a sleeping mechanical man, some engine porn and the most ginormous pine tree I’ve ever seen. 

Mower madness

This morning I allowed myself to be dragged to a vintage lawnmower day of all things. Full blown english eccentricity at its best. I hadn’t got a clue that there could be so many different lawnmowers in the world and people who collect them, the mind boggles. My other half was of course in engineering heaven again, I left him to it. I did have a chance to play with the Fujica Auto 5 that I wrote about a few weeks ago. This is the camera I got from a local hospice shop, and reskinned in walnut veneer. These shots are from a roll of Ilford FP4 stand developed in R09 1:100. They scanned easily and are reasonably sharp for a zone focus lens, I like this camera 😀 more shots from it to follow.