Random pic of the day 8/2/18

Our hot water boiler broke down a few days ago, we had forgotten how very old it must be. It reminded me that we have been in our current house for nearly eighteen years. Way back then, we were the young family surrounded by old people. I was forever shushing the kids lest they disturb the oldies. Today, we are the oldies surrounded by young families with babies. I had to chuckle when I went to my car this morning and found evidence of play on the pavement. Tempus fugit and all that 😀.


Bluemoon Supermoon

I have a confession to make. I have never tried to photograph the moon, probably because I never had a long enough zoom before. So with all the fuss in the news about tonight being a Bluemoon, Bloodmoon Supermoon, I thought I’d have a go with the Sony HX400v I got last month. It worked, sort of. The camera has a 1200mm equivalent zoom but a teeny, tiny, noisy sensor. Still better than no image at all I suppose. I may not be around next time the moon does this 😳.

Random pic of the day 30/01/18

Sometimes things go wrong, sometimes you make stupid mistakes. The wonderful thing about photography is that it can be very forgiving, you may still get a worthwhile image (or not 😬). This is from a roll of over developed fomapan shot in a Kodak 620 junior folding camera. I didn’t realise that the front panel wasn’t clicking into place properly so the lens wasn’t parallel to the film. D’oh!!.

Reflected glory

I find the train station at Milton Keynes fascinating. Shiny surfaces cover the three buildings that face each other at one end of the large open square. It actually featured in one of the *cough* less good Superman films with Christopher Reeve. I have meant to visit with a long lens for a while. I tried to capture some of the weird abstract reflections in the glass.

Little red bike

People are strange. The Santander bikes around Milton Keynes illustrate the point perfectly. A couple years back Santander Bank, which is based here started a rent a bike scheme. There are bike stations scattered all over Milton Keynes. But something about these cheery little red bikes seems to bring out the worst in some people. Often they are bashed about, stolen and abused. I have found several absolutely pounded to bits on my walks along the redways. Why? Beats me. I have my own bicycle. It was cheap and apart from having a very small frame it is nothing special really. I have four good locks and still I am frightened to leave it anywhere. Sad isn’t it?.