The Sky Garden

I am afraid of heights but my youngest really wanted to visit the 35th floor of the Walkie Talkie for the best views of London. Luckily for me, unluckily for him, the mists and rain rolled in. Don’t look down! (Polamatic Spectra).


Action hero

I have managed to finish off three films this week, this is the third. Again this had been in the camera for a while, what can I say? I’m easily distracted. This is a roll of Ilford HP5 dev’d in Ilfosol 3. It was loaded into a Nikon Action Touch, this camera dates back to about 1986 and is the rugged version of the L35AF. It is built like a tank and is really heavy. It is waterproof as long as the rubber seals are ok and was also known as the L35AWAF in Europe. I found mine in a charity shop (again) for £5. It is almost identical spec to L35AF with the added bonus of both manual focus settings and a switch off for the flash. If it wasn’t so heavy I would use it more often, it is such a nice camera to use.

Canon Sureshot Supreme

I bought a Canon Sureshot Supreme from work with my staff discount back in 1986. I loved that camera, I took it everywhere with me. Then one sad day it disappeared, I never got to the bottom of what happened to it. I always thought I would get another one at some point and last year a nice clean one turned up for 99p in a charity shop nearby. I planned to run a roll of Agfa Vista 200 through it quickly to make sure it was ok, low and behold only a year later I’ve finished the roll 😬. Dev’d in Ilfosol 3.

Another half

As I said the other day I never look a gift horse in the mouth. A friend saw my post about the Olympus Pen EE3, and asked if I would like his 1963 Canon Demi (another 35mm half frame beauty) which was sitting unloved and unused in a cupboard. Score! Well, despite being really dirty and a bit mouldy inside, it seems to work perfectly. I found an instruction book online as the controls were different to what I’m used to. It is fully automatic but you do still have to set zone focus and exposure via a matched needle meter on the top of the camera. I spent a little while cleaning and de-gunking, then cut some light seal foam for the insides. I’ve loaded up with Ilford XP2 super, I should have something to show in a few weeks.

Half time

Some time back I was given an Olympus Pen EE3. I must admit I didn’t really like the idea of half frame cameras much but I thought I should at least try this one as I also don’t like looking a gift horse in the mouth. I loaded up with Ilford XP2 and fired away, again, and again, 72 times in fact. I finally finished shooting this weekend, many months after I started. I dev’d in Ilford ilfosol 3 for 6.5 minutes. I’m impressed by the sharpness of the little beast. I also liked that there was nothing to do on the camera but wind on and press the shutter button, everything is automatic. No focussing, no battery, no shutter speeds, no aperture controls, the “electric eye” does it all for you. Nice! I needn’t have worried about the negative size either, I really can’t see much of a loss in quality myself. I’m totally happy with the results I got from this first film, maybe it won’t take me a year to finish the second.