Happy motoring

The tables have turned at home. Where I used to buy the latest tech and hand the old stuff down to my kids, I now get their old stuff. I’m not complaining, I’ve just scored an iPhone 6s Plus off my youngest 😄.  I’ve just come from a British Leyland car show, I shot some film in my Olympus Pen ee3 (it takes a while to use all 72 exposures) but I also played with the phone. Looking around the cars bought back a lot of good memories especially the BMC 1100s. My Morris is “asleep” in the garage awaiting a bit of work.


Bletchley Park 08/09/2017

As part of the annual free Heritage Days scheme we went to Bletchley Park (home of the codebreakers) for the first time today in a long time. A huge amount of money has been spent on refurbishments, most of the old decayed stuff has gone now. There are still some interesting bits though if you mooch around 😀.

Flower babys

I used up the last three shots on a roll of poundshop film in my front garden. I am a tiny budget gardener, I rescue all the "dead twig" bargains in supermarkets, garden centres and diy stores. This clematis shines every year, I love it. Canon EOS 3000n, Lensbaby Composer, Agfa Vista 200 home processed.