Macro freelensing

One of my favourite auction bargains is a Minolta XG-M. I saw it few years back, it was described as mint but untested. Alarm bells probably rang but I put in a silly low bid of £5 anyway. So, I won. OK, so the “mint” wasn’t quite true, it never is. However it was nice and clean, worked and better still it came with a 50mm 1.7 Rokkor that wasn’t mentioned or pictured in the listing. Enough crowing from me 😀. What I really like about this camera is the viewfinder or more specifically its field of view. I can look through it with both eyes open, the view matches perfectly. I wear glasses so this is a real boon for for me, no more squinting. I usually shoot cameras in either in manual mode or aperture priority, so the XG-M suits me fine.  I know that these Minoltas are prone to sudden shutter death but fingers crossed it will be with me for a while yet.

Here are a few shots from a roll of Ilford HP5 stand developed in R09 1:100. I tried a bit of freelensing (shooting with the lens out of the bayonet) in fact I flipped the lens around for some macro shots. I may try to find a proper reversing ring at some point, I do enjoy a bit of macro photography.


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