Milton Keynes museum history weekend

We are very lucky in Milton Keynes to have a museum dedicated to local history. It is currently expanding; some fancy extra exhibition halls are being built at the moment on site. This weekend they were holding a living history event. Vikings, romans, medieval knights and redcoat soldiers were encamped around the museum grounds. Many of these re-enactors live and breathe their characters lives. The attention to detail in outfits, foods and occupations are fantastic to see. Many players were pleased to pass on their oral history to museum visitors, everyone one of them patiently answers all the questions thrown at them. Marvellous stuff really. This roll of Ilford XP2 super was shot in a Leica M6 with a borrowed 50mm Summicron, I usually shoot with my 35mm Summicron M, and for some strange reason I couldn’t really get the hang of framing with the longer lens. How strange, I usually prefer using a 50mm on SLRs.


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