The Photography Show 2017

For the past thirty years or so we have visited the big annual photography show in the UK. It used to be called “Photography At Work” at The Royal Horticultural Halls, then Harrogate alternating with Wembly. Finally it arrived at The NEC Birmingham. Over the years it became “Focus On Photography” then “Focus On Imaging” the show was taken over by new management a few years back and the name changed again. The show hasn’t really changed that much since the start. Many of the big names are there. Nikon, Canon, Olympus Fuji and Sony. Many big names have dropped out, sign of the times I’m afraid, it is an expensive show to attend. Luckily for me there are still lots of interesting things to see and buy. I spent a bit more than I was hoping to. I grabbed a Benbo Trekker tripod to replace my knackered Manfotto. I also splurged on a Lomo ‘Instant Tahoe kit on the Lomography stand, it was very much cheaper than the website. I also visited The Disabled Photographers’ Society stand. You can always find tons of film cameras, darkroom equipment and books on the stand. I had a good rummage through the boxes and scored loads of cokin A filters plus an very nice working Minolta AF-C and a Nikon Coolpix 950 in all its 1.9 megapixel glory, all for a bargain £10. Happy days! 


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