Fujica Auto-5

I have pretty much stuck to my new year’s resolution of not buying cameras in 2017. However I occasionally come across cameras in charity shops that I would like to try. As the money is going to a good cause, I don’t feel too guilty. I bought a 1980 Fujica Auto-5 locally for £7 including case, leather strap and Hoya filter. It looks similar to both the Nikon L35AF and the Canon Sureshot AF35M. All three cameras have autowind, f2.8 lenses and switchable flash, but the Fujica is manual zone focus, not autofocus like the others.

My camera was really grubby but fully working. The battery door was broken (common fault with a lot of compacts) but some Gorilla tape sorted that easily. The viewfinder was really foggy though, which always irritates me on old cameras. This was easily overcome by removing the top plate (5 screws) and carefully cleaning all the visible glass surfaces inside. I am about to load up with some Ilford HP5 and see what the camera can do. I’ll post the images eventually 😀.


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