Time moves on…..

I grew up not far from a zoo. Walking around town, doing a bit of mundane grocery shopping would be accompanied by the sounds of the jungle. Gorillas and other apes, elephants, wolves, lions and tigers. It was quite surreal looking back. Nowadays people’s attitudes to zoos have hardened. There are plenty of bad ones around the world, you’ve seen the pictures I’m sure. But there are some fantastic zoos around, and I think that nothing beats meeting an animal eye to eye. I couldn’t afford family trips to Africa with my kids, zoos were our alternative. How else are we to teach our children that these fellow creatures lives and natural environments really matter. No, zoo animals are not free to roam, but a really good one gives wildlife as a whole a better chance of survival, I’m sure. Sorry, rant over. These pictures were taken about twenty years ago at Colchester zoo. Nikon F2SB and Fuji Reala 200. 


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