Milton Keynes Museum Forties Weekend

A few days ago I was given a Pentax Espio Zoom af 35mm camera dating back to about 1992. It is a fairly anonymous looking black box camera. It is fully automatic with a few neat twists, like multiple exposure mode, infinity button and intervalometer. 

I decided to take the Pentax to the Milton Keynes museum forties weekend event yesterday. I love this museum, I recommend a visit. Only having an untested camera on you can often be a bit of a gamble, but the Pentax loaded ok and switched on, so that was fine by me. I loaded up a roll of Ilford FP4, a film I haven’t used for years really. I will definitely be shooting more of it soon though as even with my rubbish scanning skills I really quite like some of the snapshots I ended up with (low res photos below).  I teamed the FP4 with Ilford Ilfosol 3 developer. Camera shake was a slight problem for me (nothing new there) but the Pentax nailed both focus and exposure for almost every shot. A thumbs up for the little Pentax and FP4 then.


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