English Civil War – Newport Pagnell

The English Civil War Society came to Newport Pagnell over the August bank holiday weekend (28/29th) and as we are suckers for a good show, we went along. Over in the main field the Royalists were busy battling the Parlimentarians, canons and muskets roaring. But alongside was a 17th century village encampment chock full of enthusiasts reliving the daily lives of ordinary folk. I was actually very impressed. Each of the tents were set out in little living tableaux, the inhabitants, clothing and accessories were fascinating. There were crafts people making cloths, toys, food and weapons, each one answering every question thrown at them by the visitors.

 I took a couple of cameras along, the 99p Canon Zoom XL (which packed up at the end of my first roll of Agfa Vista 200) and my Canon EOS 33 plus 50mm. I had the rolls processed and scanned at Asda as usual but I was shocked by the dreadful quality of the scans. I thought both cameras must have been on the blink, how infuriating. However, I thought I would try scanning them myself, lo and behold, they are actually OK, thank goodness.


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