I recently bought a peculiar black and yellow toy film camera at auction for 99p. The SplitCam does pretty much what you think it does from the name. It has 2 slide along blades in front of the lens and a matching pair on the viewfinder. The idea is that you use the blades to cover either the top or bottom half of the frame, take a shot, click the multiple exposure button then change the blade position around and take another shot on the same frame. Easier than it sounds, honest. I shot a roll of very expired Fuji Reala not really expecting much. I was surprised by the results, not least because of the massive light leaks. I had taped up all the potential leak points with black gaffa tape beforehand but it still leaked. It was an interesting experiment, but the SplitCam will go to the back of the drawer where it belongs.

I scanned a blank frame just to see how bad the light leaks were.


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