Minolta AF-C

I remember when the Minolta af-c came out back in the eighties. I didn’t manage to get one at the time, I had my Chinon CM4, who needed a point and shoot? Now, older and a bit wiser, I have finally got around to using one. £3 on eBay. Not bad for a camera said to rival the glorious Olympus mju ii. It looks very much like a Lomo LC-A,  except that it has “Auto Focus” written large across the front of the sliding front cover. This is the only part of the camera that is auto anything. Film loading, winding and rewinding are all manual operations. The AF-C has a 35mm f2.8 lens to rival the Olympus, however I found my first roll to be disappointingly soft all over. Not out of focus as such, just lacking in definition. I had the film processed and scanned at my local Asda, and although I’ve not had problems with them, I am going to have a bash at scanning the negs myself when I have time.

The first test roll was Agfa Vista 200 from Poundland, it was shot around Bressingham Gardens in Norfolk and Bury St Edmunds a few weeks ago. Like I said they are a bit soft, but I’m not willing to write off the camera just yet.


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