Reviving my Fuji Instax 100

I bought my Fuji Instax 100 when they first came out in about 1999. Even though it looks like Darth Vader’s love child, I enjoyed using it. Film packs got expensive and I had other priorities so the camera was put in a cupboard and forgotten. Last year I replaced my Lomography Belair Globe Trotter with a Jet Setter, it came with an instax wide back. I had some very mixed results, frankly, not as good as I remembered with the 100. 

A stroke of luck lead me to 5 boxes of slightly expired instax wide film going very, very cheaply. So, last week I dug out the Instax 100 and yesterday I shot a whole box at the Buckinghamshire Railway Centre. Some pictures work well, some not so well. An auto everything camera will do that, but there weren’t any real duds to speak of. I’ll be using the Fuji a bit more in future.


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