World Pinhole Photography Day 2016

I usually enjoy pinhole day, it is a chance for me to get outside for a change. This year though I couldn’t really work up much enthusiasm. I had backed the second Ondu pinhole camera on Kickstarter hoping to receive it on time, but no luck there. I’ve also been a bit unwell recently, so the fact that the weather was cold and damp almost put me off. In the end I grabbed my zero image 69 (6×6 mask) and a roll of very expired Fuji Velvia (2005) and took it into my local woods. I also took a Diana + with a roll of fp4 but didn’t use it, yes I was that grumpy 😄. 

I rated the velvia a half box speed (25 iso) which gave me exposure times of 4-5 minutes allowing for reciprocity failure (I use the Pinhole Assist app, it works all that out for you). By the twelfth frame I was really ready for home. I processed the film this morning in the digibase c-41 kit, photographed the negs with an Olympus EM-5 and then played with them in Photoshop Elements 14. The colours are all over the place again, but I’m as happy as I’m going to be with them. 


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