Home c-41 processing

I have been processing my own black and white films at home for years, but I have always shied away from colour processing. There just seemed to be too many steps, measuring, mixing, too many variables for me. Above all the chemicals and tank needed to be kept at a constant 40 degrees, who has got time for that stress?

My thinking changed when I found out that Digibase C-41 chemistry can be used at room temperature, around 20 degrees. I could manage that. Even better, there was ready mixed kit in pouches so I wouldn’t even have to touch the chemicals. I got my kit from Nik & Trick in Folkestone, it cost around £25. The instruction leaflet inside the box was very clear, I just followed it to the letter. I kept the pouches and tank in my sink full of water at 20 degrees. Developed for 21 minutes, bleached for 6, fixed for 7 and stabilized for 2 minutes (stabilizer not in the kit but only a couple of pounds extra). After drying the negatives, I scanned them. I must say I’m impressed by how easy it all was and it works out much cheaper per film than using a professional lab.

This article was first published here.
Olympus XA2, fuji c200.



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