Random pic of the day 28/06/17

Office buildings in Milton Keynes. This shot was taken a while ago, it has prompted me to dig out my plastic fantastic Cosmic 35 for a trip to London. This is one of those cameras that everyone says you should avoid if possible. I am a contrary being, I love mine. (Fuji Reala 100).

Living History MK50

I managed to drag myself around Campbell Park in Milton Keynes yesterday, the hottest day of the year so far. Pity the poor folk clad head to foot in woolen garb just to keep us entertained and informed. Weakling that I am, I ended up with mild heatstroke which shortened my day (I’m fine thanks) but I did get a few shots with my Olympus XA1 and Agfa APX 100. 

Get out!

It doesn’t happen very often, but sometimes I can’t face taking pictures. A forties weekend is being held in Newport Pagnell and I had thought I was looking forward to it. The weather was beautiful, there were lots of people looking very dapper indeed in their wartime finery and uniforms, but somehow I just couldn’t get into it. I had my Canon EOS 3000n and Olympus XA2 with me but the only photos I took were 3 odd ones with the Polamatic app on my phone. I will have to pull myself out of it by tomorrow for the Living History event to mark MK50 in Milton Keynes. I promise you some pictures 😁.