A little pride

Hipstamatic have been giving away the rainbow Bream Pride film to celebrate Pride 2018. Even though I am far away from all the fun in Trafalgar Square today, I used the film anyway.


Two halves together

I’ve owned my Argus C3 for nearly thirty years. I knew the rangefinder was completely out of whack, the top half of the rangefinder image was hovering way above the bottom half. This made focussing very difficult so I never bothered using the camera. As you know, I dug the C3 out yesterday, determined to use it. So I’ve had a go at adjusting the rangefinder. I realised that the small round plate on top of the camera must have been the place to start but I don’t have any tools to fit the holes in the plate. I had a brainwave, I put on my Marigold rubber gloves and unscrewed the cap with the flat of my thumb 😄.

There are two adjustment screws underneath the cap, one either side of what I assume is the top edge of the mirror. I put the C3 on a tripod and focussed as best I could on a far wall. Using a small screwdriver I twisted both screws very slightly in turn whilst looking through the rangefinder. Eventually both halves came together. Magic!

Random pic of the day 15/06/18

I’ve got a 50’s/60’s weekend at Milton Keynes museum coming up soon. I thought I would dig out an appropriate camera to use. This is an american Argus C3 from about 1954, affectionately known as ‘the brick’ it has a lens that can be removed and put on your darkroom enlarger if needs be. I’ve loaded up with an old roll of Fuji Superia to make sure it is working ok. Fingers crossed.

When a portfolio isn’t……

I don’t have much of an internet presence, this blog is it. So when people ask to see my pictures I have to send them here. That’s ok if I know they are willing to wade through every single one of my inane ramblings. However a chance reply on Dan James’ blog showed me the way to do it. So now you will see I have added two extra pages as mini portfolios, one for colour, one for black & white. Job done.

Random pic of the day 31/05/18

We have just discovered an emporium of stuff not far from home. Today was our first visit to Gdad’s in Wolverton. This place is absolutely crammed with antique stuff, obviously from house clearances and suchlike. I did look for cameras, there were a few but to be honest they weren’t good (but they were pricey). So no bargains for me, but my husband found some interesting tools for his workshop. Sadly as we were leaving, the owner gave us a slip of paper saying that they were about to lose the building and are to close in a few weeks. Typical of us to find somewhere interesting to go only to lose it. (Ricoh GRD 8mp).