Sweating away……

I love gardening, though I am a poor gardener. I don’t have greenfingers; I have the finger of death where plants are concerned. However I really like visiting beautiful gardens around the country. Years ago it was very easy for me to visit Kew Gardens regularly as it was on the doorstep. Here are some taken in one of the hot houses. The wacky colours are from a combination of badly stored Fujicolor 400 neg film and my little Reflecta scanner not being able to cope. I quite like them.


Paris 80’s style

No new stuff to show this week (again) so I’ve been digging around in boxes for some of my older 35mm negatives. I found a sheet of touristy stuff shot in Paris in about 1988. I only had my Nikon F2SB, 50mm 1.8 and Fuji Neopan 400 with me if I remember rightly. Scanned with the Reflecta x-7, as I still haven’t got my big scanner working with Linux yet.

Brunswick Brutalism

I used to work in Bloomsbury in the late eighties. During my lunch breaks I would wander around with my trusty Nikon F2SB. The Brunswick Centre was a gift to seekers of grit and grime. It has been tidied up a lot since those days.

Does not compute…..again

Have I ever said how much I hate computers? Loads of times. I made a stupid mistake yesterday and fell for the old “update me now” trick on my Windows 10 laptop. Very long story short, my laptop is deader than corduroy. Luckily, I remembered I had an oldish HP netbook in the cupboard that I had loaded up with Lubuntu a while back. I also found my old Reflecta x-7 35mm film scanner to use until I can figure out drivers and stuff for my Epson V550 (if they exist). Maybe Father Christmas will bring me a new computer this year. (Or not, I’m a realist 😜). Here a few old negs as a scanner test, edited in Darktable for Linux.

Canon Demi

Here is the roll of XP2 from the Canon Demi I was gifted a few weeks ago, or rather half the roll. I was have a few winding problems about half way through so I rewound and reloaded into my Pen EE3 (waste not, want not). Most of the shots came out ok, a bit under exposed and not as sharp as I was hoping. These pics are of an organ festival at MK museum, what a slightly eccentric bunch of people 😀.