Now that spring has finally arrived here I thought it would be nice to use my Lensbaby Composer and a roll of Agfa Vista in my little Canon 3000n on the flowers outside. But as usual I found a finished roll already in the camera. I don’t remember loading it with Ilford Delta 400, it isn’t a film I usually use plus I had rated it at 1600 iso. I must have had a reason, anyway I read somewhere about Delta becoming really grainy when stand developed in R09. Well you can say that is true and then some! I do remember taking these now, and weirdly enough the flower shots are with the Lensbaby Composer. These are pretty much straight out of the Reflecta scanner with a vintage blue tone added in Snapseed. (I have tried to heal the dust spots but gave up on the drying marks).


Random pic of the day 09/04/18

I dug out my beast camera this morning for some macro tests. Mamiya RB67, 90mm plus No1 extention tube, Fomapan 100 in Ilford Ilfosol 3.

Random pic of the day 05/04/18

Milton Keynes has lots of underpasses (to stop people running across the dual carriageways, yeah like that works). Anyway, many of them are filled with graffiti, some good some bad. None of it can withstand time and the elements for long. This one was on my walk to the local shops this morning. Samung S7 Edge.

The Octogenerian

I have been given a new toy to play with. Well I say new, it is actually a 1932 Leica ii together with a collapsible 5cm Summar f2 lens from 1937. I loaded up with a cheap roll of Foma 100 and took it for a walk this morning. Firstly, I love the size of it. It slipped into my pocket easily, but it is quiet heavy. This was the first ever rangefinder camera I believe, but as a glasses wearer I find both the rangefinder window and viewfinder a bit of a squint. That’s my excuse for the slightly fuzzy images and I’m sticking to it.

I love the simplicity of the camera, no batteries, no meter just wind on, adjust shutter and aperture, and away you go. Today was very dull and cloudy so 100 iso wasn’t the best choice for a shaky photographer, most of the shots were taken at a 1/60th which is slower than I usually dare go. I don’t think stand developing in RO9 really suits Foma either, too much grain. But hey ho, I got to see what an 86 year old camera was like to use even if I much prefer my M6.

When life hands you……..daffodils

Last autumn I got a bit carried away with the huge buy one get free bags of daffodil bulbs in B&Q. I had to put them all over the garden in every pot I could find. As luck would have it, just as they were about to bloom we had a patch of nasty weather and again once they were flowering. Most of the daffs shrugged off the worst but quite a few fell over. Rather than waste them I bought them indoors and put them in an old mayo jar. The happy snapper in me didn’t want to waste them either so here are a few smartphone experiments with a cheap light board (made for tattoo artists apparently) and my Samsung s7 Edge.