Random pic of the day 16/01/18

Olive for sale.


Reflected glory

I find the train station at Milton Keynes fascinating. Shiny surfaces cover the three buildings that face each other at one end of the large open square. It actually featured in one of the *cough* less good Superman films with Christopher Reeve. I have meant to visit with a long lens for a while. I tried to capture some of the weird abstract reflections in the glass.

Little red bike

People are strange. The Santander bikes around Milton Keynes illustrate the point perfectly. A couple years back Santander Bank, which is based here started a rent a bike scheme. There are bike stations scattered all over Milton Keynes. But something about these cheery little red bikes seems to bring out the worst in some people. Often they are bashed about, stolen and abused. I have found several absolutely pounded to bits on my walks along the redways. Why? Beats me. I have my own bicycle. It was cheap and apart from having a very small frame it is nothing special really. I have four good locks and still I am frightened to leave it anywhere. Sad isn’t it?.


I was planning to start the new year off with some classic cars at Stony Stratford. Somehow I overslept this morning and got off to a really late start. I ended up going to the train station so I took my camera along. I didn’t really get started before the skys darkened in apocalyptic style and a hail storm swallowed me up. Sometimes you have to know when you’re beaten.

New Year’s Resolution

I have found that the key to keeping resolutions is not being too ambitious. The only thing I tried to stick to during 2017 was not buying any cameras. I actually ended up buying two, strangely both were Instax cameras, a Fuji mini 8 and a Lomography Lake Tahoe kit. Whilst the Lomo camera has moved on, I really enjoy the Fuji so I’m hanging on to it. Any other cameras I received as gifts so they don’t count 😀.

As for 2018 I have decided to carry on shooting film, with the slight twist that I am cutting down on the cameras I use. Almost the “one year one camera” thing that keeps cropping up on the internet. As I said, I have the Instax for occasional fun use, I also use my camera phone as a daily aide memoire. I have a particular project in mind which requires a long zoom so I’ll use my Sony Cybershot HX400V for that, which leaves me with ‘everything else’. So what camera and lens should I stick to for a whole year? I sat reading through my equipment list which is I am sad to say long, intimidating and frankly depressing, hence this resolution to get me back on track. I will probably let most of the list go via ebay and charity shops this year.

So what would be the best combination to stick to? SLR, box camera, folder, point’n’shoot, 120, 35mm? Which one do I actually enjoy using? The one that gives me most satisfaction? The one with which I steadily produce images that please me? I kept coming back to the same answer. Maybe unsurprisingly, I will be loading “Skippy” the Leica M6 and 35mm Summicron this year. Could be fun, I hope 😜.

Happy New Year!